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Buying a property on Alonissos

Buy with confidence through Greek Key Properties in the knowledge that there are no hidden extras to come back and bite you at a later date. For more information check out our 'About Us' page. 

Buyers have the confidence that the property is represented accurately and truthfully with the knowledge that the sale will be ‘managed’ from start to completion.  We are privileged to be able to communicate with both sides, exchanging communications with the buyers and sellers and their respective solicitors, if appointed (buyers can purchase a property without one). Private sellers are not able to do this and therefore, the odds of keeping a sale alive is restricted and they run a greater risk of a ‘fall through’ and the sale/purchase is terminated. This could be costly both in time and financially.

If you see a private 'for sale' sign for a property, before you contact the seller, tell us about the property, we are willing to approach them on your behalf to get the sale instruction and take care of the sale.

What we say and do we will endeavour to act within the practice of good ethics, therefore you have the assurance that your interests will be looked after and protected at all times.


  • Free no obligation initial consultation and advice together with a guided familiarity tour of the island if required, showing the selected properties.

  • Accompanied viewings at all times.

  • Submitting offers and negotiating with the sellers until a mutually satisfactory agreement is reached.

  • Introduction to either an accountant and or solicitor, together with a list of what to do, outlining the basic procedure of house purchase in Greece.

  • Handling and advising with regards to the deposit, and securing the property so as to prevent any counter offers or ‘gazzumping’ from other interested parties. Until a deposit is paid (the property remains on the market), a higher offer from another party may be submitted and accepted unless written reassurances are made by the seller.

  • Arranging with an introduction for either a solicitor to represent you and or an accountant to handle the paperwork, bank accounts and property tax. 

  • Arranging or introducing you to the right people for ‘Power of Attorney’,  enabling 'them' to ‘purchase’ the property on your behalf in your absence (this can save a substantial amount of time and or money); basically one can buy a property remotely without the need to revisit the island before purchase.

  • Arranging/helping for the submission of all your details to the sellers solicitors and notary. Liaising with both the parties legal representation.

  • Full report and regular updates throughout the whole sales procedure to completion can be arranged. Our service continues well after you have bought your Alonissos home.

  • Contact Us to register and keep updated with the latest property listings.

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