• Panos Taliadoros

Super Yacht Comes to Alonnisos

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

A $600 million super yacht has placed its anchor outside the port of Patitiri harbor of Alonnisos today. Owned by a Russian billionaire who lives on the giant ship all year round. Much speculation as to the visit from someone who could literally buy every property on the island with his small change in his pocket. It would seem with all that money, he still has taste and has visited this jewell of an island in the blue Aegean Sea This giant boat with a crew of 54 has ten luxury apartments with eight decks and has three masts each measuring 100m high. The yacht is much larger than the biggest car ferries that service the island and dwarfs even the biggest. Didn’t get a chance to tempt them to invest in a house or two… which is lucky for you…

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