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We don't just open doors....

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

There is more to selling a property than just 'showing someone around' - especially on a Greek island.

The whole process; of meeting the vendors, taking notes, description, photographs, website set up, download, advertising, social media, google ads, marketing, posters, phone calls, registering enquiries, emails and the tireless chasing. Then the offer and negotiations begin and the real hard work starts; keeping the whole deal alive, liaising with both sides, buyers and sellers and their respective representation. We also have to check the topography, and legalisation of the property etc. Then setting up the buyers legal obligations in order for the purchase to take place, arranging for a POA...for either the buyer(s) or seller(s), liaising with the notary/solicitors...dealing with the transfer of the services…these are just some of the things that we get involved in during the whole process.

So when someone says “what do we do", you now have a little insight as to what is involved as...

'anyone can open a door and show someone around a property'.

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